Vicki and Dr. Jason discuss the topic of routine and structure in our family life.  Research suggests that consistency bolsters a child’s social and emotional development.   Consistent routines provide an environment of safety and security for the whole family and it is wise to remember to provide time for focus progression as well as “down” time.

July 29th Call


A Touchy Subject

Today Dr. Paul, Vicki, and Dr. Jason take on the touchy subject of how to help our kids when they begin to discover and explore their own and others’ bodies. A certain amount of this is normal behavior, but there are clearly limits that need to be set as well. Listen to the podcast – and we also recommend getting a good discussion tool into your hands like the book, “A Very Touching Book” by Jan Hindman.

July 22nd Call

Today’s call is a group discussion about anger. We talked about some of the neurophysiological aspects of anger and the tricky balance that parents have to learn to manage their own anger, and then to do something productive related to dealing with angry kids.

July 15th Call

Today’s call was with Dr. Gary Nelson, the author of “A Relentless Hope: Surviving the Storm of Teen Depression”. I found this book to be personal and very informative, with a nice conversational tone. His story is based on his years of counseling experience, as well as his personal experiences with his son, Tom. Dr. Nelson’s insights are valuable to those of us who are trying to understand both teens and depression. You can contact Dr. Nelson through his website, survivingteendepression.com.

July 8th Call

Podcast Now Available

You can now subscribe to Parental Power as a podcast through iTunes!!

In today’s call our team is joined by parent advocate and founder of Parent’s Universal Resource Experts (P.U.R.E.), Sue Scheff. Sue shares her story and insights about how to help your out-of-control teen. Sue has also written a book about what she has learned from all of this called “Wit’s End”, which is available by clicking on the book image below. You can also visit Sue’s website to learn more about the abundant resources that are available to parents at www.helpyourteens.com.

June 24th Call

Wit's End Advice and Resources for Saving Your Out-of-Control Teen

I had a lot of fun on Live On Purpose Radio today.  My two guests were Noah and Anna, who are both six.  Thought you might enjoy a listen.